Cheap Green Screen NYC is an affiliate of Red Line Studios, a one-stop shop production facility located in Manhattan. Our goal is to provide an affordable, all-inclusive production sound stage and green screen studio that is ideal for a variety of productions that have diverse needs.


$100 x hour with a 10 hour minimum

$150 x hour with a 5 hour minimum 

When you rent from us you get an entire floor dedicated to production for one price. That floor includes:
-One fiberglass green screen cyclorama
-One make-up room
-One wardrobe room
-Two green rooms
-Another climate controlled, sound controlled open studio space

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-The studio space can be altered in a variety of ways to best suit your production

-We can wrap 3 walls entirely in green screen to give you virtual set options

-We have a 30′ x 25′ fabric green screen that can be positioned like a cyc wall, perfect for interviews, full body effects shots, or music videos

-We have alternate backdrops including brick, black duvetyne, white seamless or flats for full on set design & building.

-We have an entire in house art department that can design, build, and pre-light your custom set

-We have a complete in house grip & electric inventory also affordably priced in case you don’t want to go through the hassle of lugging in your own gear

-We have a full lighting grid and separate circuits for both shooting spaces allowing productions to film simultaneously.

*Note we never rent the space to more than one client a day, so if you rent the space you get EVERYTHING for the same price.



Whenever you do business with anyone, it’s crucial to know the history of the company you are considering working with. We have been in business for over 10 years, servicing clients that include major television networks, film studios, record labels, independent film, digital broadcasting and non-profit organizations.
New clients often wonder why we offer sound stages and our green screen studio at such a cost effective rate for being centrally located in Manhattan. The answer is simple and goes back to the history of our company:

We are first and for most a production company and post house primarily working in network television and development but with a long history in film. We initially built our green screen studios and sound stage to service our own original productions. Prior to having our own sound stage and green screen studio we, like many productions, went through the frustrating experience of trying to constantly find one that would suit the ever-changing needs of our shows, films, documentaries and original programming. Many times for a show we would need a Manhattan location to simply shoot a revolving cast of reality show stars on green screen yet the only options were often stages that were poorly maintained, over priced, and rarely sound controlled. The average cost for a studio just to cover some very simple interviews would often cost $2,500-$5,000.00 a day. These other studios hit you with hidden garbage fees, electric fees, studio manager fees and drain your budget. On top of that if you want to rent in house lighting the prices are often so high you are forced to go through the major hassle of drudging your own gear in to save money.

When we built our sound stage and green screen studio and then later decided to rent the space to outside productions we looked to offer our clients everything we hoped for as a production company. Easy, no hidden fees, priced so well that all you have to do is show up and shoot. Our prices for studio space with full grip and electric and a pre-light are less that what most other green screen studios in the city charge you JUST FOR THE STUDIO. Did we mention that with us you get a studio manager for FREE?

Today, we have been renting our studio space and green screen for 5 years and we are constantly booked and keeping a number of productions incredibly happy. How do we do this? By keeping things incredibly simple, fairly priced, and being extremely accommodating.

If you are an international client, coming in from the west coast, or have a high level celebrity you want to take care of while they are here for your production, take advantage of our great relationship with the beautiful Marriott Hotel located directly across the street for off site celebrity holding or lodging for your out of state crew. We can help you coordinate and book at discounted rates through our great production partnership deal with our friends at Marriott.

We have cornered the market on green screen studios and sound stages in New York City and to be honest, it wasn’t that difficult. We just treat people fairly, don’t rip you off, charge fair prices, and do everything we can to ensure your time here is productive, memorable, and effective.

Please see the digital brochure for more information on rates, dimensions and policies when renting our studio.

Keep us in mind for full production crews, cameras, lighting, post production including offline and online suites, 5.1 audio mixing, a vocal booth and 10 years of development experience in Network Television and feature film production.